Practice Batch

D.D Defence Academy offers a special batch for candidates who are struggling to crack the SSB exam. This module is specially designed for students with 6-day sessions with focus on learning and re-learning. With daily classes of 3-4 hours and interview preparatory sessions, students are able to prepare themselves for GTO and even Physical exams. Professionals from Army, Commander, Lieutenants and Colonels guide students for the SSB batches which gives them an edge of in-hand training and experience from professionals in the field.

Coaching Batch

For full preparatory classes of SSB, join the coaching batch at D.D Defence Academy that lasts for 12 days and is conducted by a qualified assessor. Here, major focus will be put on developing communication skills, providing tips for the GD and PI rounds as well as physical training. With the assurance of a trained Army professional with years of experience, you will not only have the opportunity to learn at the hands of a senior Defence personnel but will also have the chance to learn and grow in a stimulating environment among your peers.